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What about corporate tax dodgers?

Tax time is soon approaching. All of us will pay our share of taxes as good citizens. We might complain a little but we will pay. President Trump has lowered the tax rate this year and has lowered the tax rate for corporations from 35% down to 21%.

But wait! 55% of the top corporations paid no taxes and received tax rebates. They paid zero in taxes.

With loop holes, offshore tax schemes, corporations have avoided over $100 billion dollars in taxes. What a deal!

Here are just a few of the corporations that have cheated America and nothing is done about not paying their share.

Johnson Controls, the manufacturer of auto parts and heating equipment,  made in one year a profit of $1.56 billion, paid no taxes and received a $477 million tax refund. What a deal!

Xerox Company in one year made a profit of $552 million, paid no taxes and got a tax refund of $23 million. Plus they eliminated over five thousand American workers.

One more! General Electric made a profit of $34 billion in a five-year period. Paid no taxes and received a $3 billion refund. Another great deal.

President Trump has repeatedly said that the football players who do not stand for the National Anthem are not American. 

But Mr. Trump has never said a word about the corporations that pay no taxes. He has never said the corporations that pay no taxes are not good citizens...Not one word!

Just think of all the good that could be done for this country if these corporations paid their share of taxes.

There is no justice when it comes to paying your taxes. The rich get richer, the middle class pays the bills and the poorer get poorer.

— Lavon Brillhart, Dillon


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