Suspicious of Tester's horn-blowing

I am really getting tired of all the advertisements about all the good things our good old Montana boy Jon Tester is doing for Montana.

Anytime I hear a politician continually blowing their horn I get suspicious. That’s certainly is the case with U.S. Sen. Jon Tester.

An example is his purported support for our veterans. I think we all support our veterans and would do anything for them. However, I have misgivings about Tester’s support of disabled veterans when I see him supporting the limiting of access to our public national forests to special-interest groups that can walk, ride a horse or a bike, while he continually supports the public’s national forest's continued closing of roads to our handicapped veterans and others who are elderly or otherwise handicapped. These forests belong to all the citizens of this country, and we all should enjoy equal access.

Then there is Tester’s answer to wildfires, which is to support the poor national "Forest Circus" for their mismanagement by creating a special fund through more taxes to fight, not put out, the wildfires.

You’re not my good old boy Montanan, Jon Tester.

-- John Rice, Missoula


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