Sen. Daines, take real stand for CHIP

Attention, Montana: You will all be very excited to hear that, after four months of refusing to fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program — known also as CHIP — Montana’s junior U.S. Sen. Steve Daines has finally decided to care about it.

Steve Daines has apparently just now found his voice on children’s health care now that there may be actual consequences from his refusal to prioritize the constituents in his state. At the direction of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Daines ignored a bill that would have reauthorized CHIP and delivered secure funding for his most vulnerable constituents and their children. In the four years he’s been in the Senate, Daines has not been a good steward of our state.

Since you won’t hold any in-person town halls, I’d like to ask you a question here, senator: If you’re really concerned about securing funding for CHIP, where were you when U. S. Sen. Jon Tester cosponsored a bill that would have cleanly funded the program and secured health insurance for tens of thousands of children in Montana? And why haven’t you cosponsored it?

I encourage you to follow Tester’s lead and take a stand for the kids whose health care is on the line.

— Sam Orr, Missoula


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