Sen. Daines is no friend to hunters

Don’t let Sen. Steve Daines make his continuous, nauseating claim that he’s for public access to public lands. Daines joined a chorus of Republican lawmakers — including one from Texas — to vilify a Livingston Forest Service ranger who was working to improve public access to the Crazy Mountains.

His crime: He actually questioned whether landowners could block off trails the public has used for decades. Turns out, those same landowners are also outfitters selling trophy bull elk hunts on public land. That’s right — Daines sided with wildlife privatizers and public-land haters rather than us, Montanas' public land hunters. So much for claiming to be on our side.

We’ve seen too much of this phony to keep him in the U.S. Senate. Daines continues to work to destroy our public land heritage, he supports gutting the Antiquities Act to protect national treasures and he’s working to favor massive logging over wildlife on public lands. Hunters better remember that the next time Daines talks about being on our side. Daines is only for one thing, that’s the privatization of anything public, and you can take that to the bank.

-- Fred Holland, Laurel