Private industry should handle fires

The Lolo Peak fire (as with the 2013 Lolo fire) has been allowed to grow into what is now an unstoppable monster.

The U.S. Forest Service and incident command personnel have their standard excuses as to what they could not do to stop the fire, but never talk about what they could do.

How much money is made off fires? Between what fire personnel, city and county governments, private individuals and businesses make, no wonder the Forest Service has adopted a "let it burn" philosophy. It is far more lucrative to let it burn than to responsibly log and control burn the forests.

Now critical lynx and elk habitat is being burned by the fire and back-burning. It is costing evacuees a lot of money each day while money is being made by those responsible.

Let's take firefighting out of the hands of the federal government and put it in private industry where they may have the fortitude to actually fight a fire.

There doesn't seem to be any fire "fighters" left. They have been replaced by glorified fire tenders.

This fire did not have to get this far out of control. Someone needs to investigate why it happened.

-- Sandy Joyner, Lolo


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