Montanans are Tester's priority

After Sen. Tester was part of a group of hardworking senators to pass a long-term budget that protected funding for community health centers, veterans, our military, and fire mitigation, most Montanans were cheering to see government working the way it should. Against the budget deal? Senate candidate Matt Rosendale.

Apparently, Rosendale is more than happy to be a puppet in support a corporate tax break that adds trillions of dollars to the deficit, but draws the line at supporting a budget that restores long-term funding for our military, care for our veterans, and healthcare for 1 in 10 Montanans. These bizarre priorities might make sense if Matt Rosendale were planning to return to being a wealthy real estate developer, but he’s not—he’s running for Senate in Montana, to represent the hundreds of thousands of Montanans whose salaries and healthcare rely on the budget deal that Congress just passed.

To explain why Rosendale refuses to support a budget deal that is clearly in the best interests of Montanans, one need look no further than Rosendale’s wealthy, out-of-state supporters: Sen. Rand Paul, who single-handedly shut down the government, a Koch brothers-backed special interest group, and Steve Bannon, whose vile priorities have been discredited by almost every Republican.

Rosendale’s decision not to back the budget tells you everything you need to know about who he would prioritize as Montana’s senator. Here’s a hint: they aren’t Montanans.

Donavon Hawk, Butte