Montana needs more revenue

Unless one has been living under a rock, she is well aware of the draconian cuts by the Legislature during the last session. At a recent meeting of the Revenue and Transportation Committee, public testimony overwhelmingly beseeched the committee to recommend additional revenue to address the crisis.

We have heard from legislators in the majority that their constituents reject tax increases, stating that when they are faced with tough times, they "tighten their belts" and so should the state.

That's not entirely true. In tough times, many also supplement their income with part-time jobs; borrowing from the bank, friends or family, or using other methods of generating income. In other words, revenue "enhancement."

Legislators often don't give constituents enough credit in the compassion/wisdom column. When neighbors are in dire need, we rush to their aid. That's what Montanans do.

Unfortunately, our neighbors who will suffer are far too numerous and the cuts far too deep to rely on bake sales or Go Fund Me pleas. The current and proposed cuts are unconscionable.

Powers-that-be, call a special session. Surely, we each can throw a little extra into the state collection plate, giving fellow Montanans a hand up. Even Scrooge saw the wisdom in that.

— John Ilgenfritz, Helena


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