Make world safer without war

I am quite positive the American people do not want another war. We do not want to kill a million common people of any country. Listening to average people of other nationalities like English people, French, Iranians, Russians, Spanish, Chinese, and pretty much all of us world citizens, we don’t want ugly wars and innocent killings of thousands. Now, the exception are the terrorists who are just plain evil.

So, if we all generally feel the same way about war, why the heck do we allow our leaders in government and leaders in media to talk trash about other countries? We need them to stop talking such disrespectful ways. We would not allow our children to talk to any neighbors like that. How utterly silly to think we can call people names and then try to get them to work with us. My mom started teaching me this when I was about four years old. Tell the bad-mannered leaders in all countries to stop feeding the winds of war that affect us all and send off our children and grandchildren to unnecessarily kill others and get killed. It’s time for humans to finally get it.

Yes, of course, we need to exterminate the terrorists who are just evil and killing anyone, or those creating any genocide. However, we need the whole world to join us making the world safer. Yes, it is time.

— Tony Seitz, Molt