Liberal news media are nauseating

The hypocrisy in the news coverage of President Trump and his use of the word sxxxhole to describe certain Third World countries has been nauseating. The liberal news media pounced in desperation to satisfy their faux indignation at a word that is not untrue and that they have all used in personal conversation since first grade.

This move diverted attention from the real issue of immigration reform as they ignore other profanity-laced tirades from people in the Democrat Party and in Hollywood.

As to the truth of Trump’s reference to Africa: If you have never been there, the squalor, filth, dangerous conditions and poverty are hard to imagine. Thousands of people are killed each year in corrupt political and social struggles that would make Chicago seem like a safe zone. The crime and murder rates are unfathomable to people who are not used to it. If you live in bad neighborhoods you have 10- to 12-feet high concertina wire fences around your yard, and leave nothing outside because it will be stolen or vandalized. You have two to three different sized lug nuts on your vehicle tires to prevent theft.

Most white people who were not murdered and raped have immigrated to other countries. There is no one clamoring to move there, but refugees are leaving in droves. Poverty here would seem like paradise there.

— C.T. Ripley, Huntley