Forgive Trump's brief memory lapse

I'm writing this as a comment to all the tweets that have already been tweeted by all the people who have nothing else better to do than moan, whine, complain and attack President Trump because he's a human being, and he had a simple lapse of memory and forgot a fallen soldier's name.

I realize that as president of the United States of America, he's held to much higher expectations, but I also realize that he's just as human as all of us. Just because he had a lapse of memory doesn't mean that he doesn't care about those who gave their lives in service of their countries. It also doesn't mean that he deserves all of the relentless attacking of his character.

People, please do us all a favor, find something else to cry and tweet about already. In short, forgive the man and move on. Please!

— Shawn Carman, Missoula


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