Danger looms ahead with Trump as president

As a citizens of the United States I don’t feel like we can be held hostage to the actions of our federal government without voicing our concerns. We must speak out if we see something which will ultimately damage the fabric of our nation. It is our right and our obligation. If we fail to do so then we fail to honor this right which may one day be taken away from us.

I feel that Donald Trump, as president, has and will continue to do damage to our country because he holds a mental state that is not congruent with the office he also holds. In other words, the man is not fit for the position and needs to be removed before more damage to our nation is inflicted.

For those of you who believe he is the right man for this position, I tell you that you are being seriously misled by an illusion. An illusion fabricated by this man. For the sake of your own citizenship take the time out of your day to alert all of our Congressional representatives of the danger you see ahead for this nation if Donald Trump continues to be in the political position he is.

Our representatives need to know that when the timing is right, we support the removal of Donald Trump from the highest office of our government.

(I was able to send my concerns to our representatives via their email by Googling “Montana Congressional Representatives.” However, Steve Daines’ site was very confusing and I was unable to send him an email; the two others were very easy).

-- Robb Blotkamp, Anaconda


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