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As government wastes money, we collect coats for kids

Once again this community is collecting winter coats for children and adults. What a nice gesture to all who participate in this cause. But! And yes, there is a but!

Donald Trump, the man who said, "I will rarely leave the White house because there's so much work to be done. I will not be a President who takes vacations." But since Mr. Trump has become President he has gone golfing 76 times. The cost to the taxpayers has been more than $65 million.

And we have to collect coats for children. Something is wrong with this picture. Making American great again?

All of the money that was allotted to the Secret Service to guard Mr. Trump and his family has been depleted. The Secret Service has requested an additional $30 million to cover Mr. Trump and his family.

And we have to collect coats for children! Yes, we need to guard the President but the expense has gone overboard!

It cost the taxpayers over $300,000 for Vice President Pence to walk out of a football game so he could get a photo-op. And we have to collect coats for children.

Wait till you hear this one: The Pentagon spent $28 million to buy uniforms for the Afghan National Army! And yes, we are asking you to donate coats for American children.

Many big corporations pay no taxes because of loopholes and make billions in profits. Some even get money back from the government for paying no taxes. But yes! We are collecting coats for children.

Millions are spent on Government waste like a grant of $150,000 to study and understand why politics stress us out. Not enough space and swear words to give you the answer.

Is there anybody sane in Washington D.C.? Is there anybody sane in Congress? You already know the answer but please give your unneeded coats to help keep the children of this community warm this winter.

— LaVon Brillhart, Dillon


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