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An idea to get people to remove yard sale, other signs

I come from another area of Montana, the Northwest. It was small, and most there knew me by Ce, only ... I have been in the southwest area for almost 10 years now. I have noticed that they both have something in common. Yard Sale signs are left out, at times weeks after they are no longer notifying anyone, of anything. They are an eyesore, and I know it is an effort to go remove them, when a person is tired after a long day of yard sales. I would like to present what has been done in other areas and places, and has helped the community.

A sign left over the next day was a littering ticket, which cost the recipient $10, and the proceeds were a contribution to functions of the community. This was 20 years ago plus, so the amount may be more, but no one minded, in that community to the "donation" as none liked the leftover signs, which are such an eyesore to the area.

This would not cost more to the community, as it fit in with the usual book work, and the donations were made by the same public servants to different community projects. It was just another "profit file" not another office.

I was hoping this might be an idea someone would like to establish in the Butte community area.

Just an idea.

Thank you for your time and efforts reading this, and hopefully giving it at least some thought.

-- Celia "Ce" Rose Walker Lemay Lytle Cobbs, Butte


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