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Abortion tragedy continues

Let me preface this letter by saying that one death is too many.

However, 60,202,212 is the number of abortions performed by American doctors since Roe v. Wade. This is a horrendous number. It is approximately 20 percent of our population.

The United States owns this record. What civilized society can defend such slaughter?

Six million Jews perished in the Holocaust, and we are aghast at that number. Seventeen innocent children killed and the outcry is a tsunami. But no outcry for the aborted baby! Why?

Where is your outrage at this relentless slaughter of innocent babies? Where is the outrage against Planned Parenthood? Where are the corporations that are boycotting the NRA but say absolutely nothing as this daily baby slaughter continues unabated?

I don't accept the standard response of "It's my body, I will do as I please," or "That's a typical male response," or "The Supreme Court ruling is in favor of abortion." The Supreme Court is wrong.

AR15s did not do this. No NRA person did this. American adults do this to American babies.

These babies are unable to talk into a mike and say, "Please don't abort me.!"

That cry falls on deaf ears. Sad.

— Terence J. Giles, Great Falls


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