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There are laws in Butte that are broken daily with few consequences for the perpetrators, and no recourse for the victims.

The No. 1 traffic ticket written for the last three years in Butte is no proof of liability insurance. I was a victim of one of those persons. I was riding my Harley and he broadsided me at an intersection. He was at a stop sign, I had the right of way with no stop sign. He never looked my direction and hit me behind my right leg. I went to the hospital by ambulance and was in the ER for a couple of hours.

I had a lot of road rash, bruising and torn ligaments in my ankle. I saw a specialist to make sure my ankle was nothing more serious. I also have a sore on my ankle that has not healed going on four weeks. I have been to Express Care four times. The doctor there referred me to the wound clinic for more aggressive treatment. Even though I have insurance, it is still costing me the co-pay and yours and my higher insurance premiums.

It does not include my time, pain and suffering. My bike will coast $9,995 to repair. Everyone, even lawyers, I have talked with basically say I have no recourse. My attorney did agree to write a complaint that I can take the person to court with. He told me not to expect much.

I found out the person had no insurance, no driver’s license, a habitual traffic offender and had factitious plates on the car he was driving. He went to jail for less than 24 hours.

I would like to purpose some new laws:

1. If a person is caught driving without proof of insurance and or no drivers license, the sheriff should impound the car on the spot (it does not matter who the car’s owner is) and take the person to jail.

2. If the driver doesn't provide proof of insurance within three month, the car gets sold at a sheriff's auction and proceeds goes to the victim.

3. Drivers renewing their plates, and or their license should have to show proof of insurance (many states require this now).

All I know is, I feel helpless and victimized by the other driver and the system at this point.

— Stephen King, Butte


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