An injunction filed in Butte District Court has temporarily ended a strike by Butte School District administrators and reopened Butte schools.

All elementary, middle and high schools in Butte will reopen Friday morning and all extra-curricular activities can resume immediately.

District Judge Brad Newman, who signed the order, said the injunction does not compel the two sides to mediate their differences but simply opens schools.

“It does not end the labor dispute,” he said. “That’s between the parties.”

Instead the injunction restricts Teamster’s Union Local #2, which represents the administrators, from picketing the schools. It also restricts the school district from closing their facilities.

The petition for injunction was filed by Attorney Wayne Harper, who represented a number of parents of Butte students. He argued that students would suffer irreparable harm if the strike would cancel athletic games, extra-curricular events and daily care for the developmentally disabled.

“Our goal is the same as everybody else in town,” said Harper. “We want both sides to get together and try to work this stuff out.”

Harper said he thought ending the strike via injunction would be an uphill battle.

“It wasn’t a forgone conclusion,” he said. “There are districts that have been out of school an entire year.”

The temporary order is in effect until Friday Sept. 16 at 1:30 p.m. when a hearing has been scheduled in Butte District Court. At that hearing Judge Newman could enjoin a more permanent stay, compel both sides to negotiate, or lift the injunction at that time.

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An injunction filed in Butte District Court has temporarily ended a three-day strike by Butte School District administrators, which shut down schools for two days.

Butte schools are expected to reopen Friday and all weekend athletics are expected to occur as originally scheduled.

The injunction was filed at 2:15 p.m. Thursday by a number of Butte School District parents. The Teamster’s Union Local #2, which represented the administrators, was named as the defendant.

The temporary injunction will hold until Sept. 16 and if an agreement has not been reached by then, Judge Brad Newman will rule whether or not to grant a permanent stay.


A injunction was filed in Butte District Court at 2:15 p.m. today, temporarily ending the two-day administrators strike.

Butte schools and sports are currently scheduled to reopen Friday morning. The request for an injunction was granted by District Judge Brad Newman.

The petition was filed by a number of parents whose children are students in the school district. The Teamsters' Union was named as the defendant.

Chuck Merrifield, Butte Athletic Director, texted The Montana Standard sports department and said "We are back and everything is on."

More information to come shortly.

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