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The Montana Standard is looking for the best writers and thinkers in southwest Montana to be featured columnists on this page.

Anyone has access to the nation’s syndicated columnists we run each week. But the best newspapers carry the voices of its community. We’re looking for writers uniquely Butte.

That means folks who can help us tell the story of our community, in your own words. No voice is too large or too small – whether you’re a community leader or a high school student, your views matter and we want to share them.

These are the only requirements:

You write what you know. That means topics of local interest, whether it’s tales of parenting, historic preservation, environmental cleanup, local economics or education. Our syndicated columnists cover Washington pretty well. We want to hear more about Montanans.

You’re willing to write on a regular rotation, perhaps one or two columns a month. A good length is between 500 and 800 words a column.

Our curmudgeonly editors are at your service, but you should have a reasonable command of the English language and know how to use it to present your thoughts.

This isn’t a paying gig, though we might be able to round up some Standard swag if a coffee cup or pen would make it worth your while. The exposure to almost 30,000 readers a day is usually gratifying, and just think how your voice could help shape public discourse and make our communities better places.

We suspect the bulk of our writers will reside in Butte. That said, we’re especially interested in aspiring columnists from Anaconda, Dillon and anywhere else in southwest Montana.

Send one writing sample to Editor Matt Christensen at Please include “The Standard Writers Project” in the subject line, and include your phone number.


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