Continuous rhetoric of those opposed to resisting wolves as endangered would seem to indicate they retained well their preschool readings of "The Three Little Pigs," "Little Red Riding Hood" and "The Big Bad Wolf." 

In reality, the gray wolf, first cousin to the domestic dog, man's best friend, is probably the most intelligent social animal in the wild and left uninhibited, is known to adjust pack size to necessary predatory needs - something mankind in his own right has failed miserably to do.

Yet the negative ads continue - on TV a rather large unassuming man, cradling a telescopic equaled rifle states, "There is no need for wolves." Maybe the same might be said of him.

And an all-knowing young lady chastises wildlife protectionists for relocating wolves where none existed before. "They were coyotes," she chirps.

Not to rain on her parade, the wolf, top of the food chain, second only to man, located anywhere predatory need existed.

Always courting the popularity of an issue, four of our elected officials are on record stating that a state agency would be more adept at managing wolf populations than the feds, though three are on the federal dole and take nourishment from the same trough.

Maybe, better than a wolf hunt, would be to allow the depressed agribusiness people to address wolf-livestock depredation as it occurs. Thus, the problem wolf eliminated, the pack might learn that grazing on domestic animals is unhealthy and be avoided as they now do man.

It's ironic to think that the wolf and indigenous human beings coexisted for centuries only to be managed to oblivion by descendants of European pilgrims and maybe eventually ourselves as well. It might be better to learn environmental ecosystem parameters and live within them.

D. James Reilly

3650 Hancock Ave.



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