Butte Police Reports

  • The Phoenix Building, 66 W. Park St., was burglarized sometime late Wednesday or early Thursday. One shop owner reported change taken from a cash register. Nothing else appeared to be missing Friday morning. A rear door had been forced open.
  • Two Sony digital cameras, sunglasses and cash were reported stolen Thursday afternoon from a car parked in the 2400 block of Walnut. There was no sign of forced entry.
  • A garage to a residence in the 1100 block of Nevada Street was burglarized sometime early Thursday and a 32-inch flat screen television was taken.
  • TJ Berkopec, 30, of Butte was arrested on suspicion of criminal trespass to property Thursday about 5 p.m. Police allege Berkopec entered a woman's residence in the 3100 block of South Montana Street without permission. The woman, who didn't know Berkopec, said the intruder said he was looking for children. When police questioned Berkopec, he appeared to be under the influence, according to the police report. He remained jailed Friday morning.
  • Tammy L. Lawton, 52, and Ashley M. Kambic, 25, both of Butte, were arrested Thursday in separate incidences of shoplifting from Safeway, 2500 Massachusetts. Both women are accused of putting items in their purses and trying to leave the store with out paying.


  • Kimberly Miller, 38, of 617½ N. Excelsior, pleaded guilty Jan. 28 and was fined $1,095. According to court documents, Miller caused bodily injury to another individual. She must also donate $50 to Family Victims, attend anger management class and received a seven-day jail sentence.


  • Joseph Barrick, 29, of 143 Hecla, pleaded guilty to an amended charge of disorderly conduct and was fined $185. According to court documents, Barrick struck a female.
  • Michael Hoar, 22, of 1510 Silver Bow Homes, pleaded guilty Feb. 2 and was fined $185. According to court documents, at 2 a.m., Hoar was yelling loudly while at Silver Bow Homes.
  • William Spencer, 27, of 410 Silver Bow Homes, forfeited a $185 bond Feb. 2. According to court documents, Spencer was leaving threatening messages and punching on the walls at Silver Bow Homes.
  • John Leppala, 41, homeless, pleaded guilty Feb. 2 and was fined $185. According to court documents, Leppala was blocking the sidewalk at CVS.


  • Brittany Bender, 17, of 800 Majors, pleaded guilty Jan. 28 and was fined $285. She must also perform 20 hours of community service and attend alcohol awareness class.


  • William Schmidt, 22, of 220 N. Wyoming, pleaded guilty Jan. 21 to littering and was fined $250.
  • Danielle Vigil, 14, of 2119 Johns, pleaded guilty to being a pedestrian who failed to yield to all traffic, not crosswalk. She was fined $130.
  • Ten people recently pleaded guilty to driving without liability insurance. The fines totaled $3,600.
  • Six people recently pleaded guilty to driving with a suspended driver's license. The fines totaled $3,180.
  • Two people recently pleaded guilty to driving without a valid driver's license. Fines totaled $470.
  • Two people recently pleaded guilty to a stop sign violation. The fines totaled $260.

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