Butte police reports

  • Police pulled over a vehicle for a broken tail light at First and Maryland Thursday afternoon and determined that the driver had a suspended license. Ami Surman, 30, of Butte was arrested for driving with a suspended license and no insurance. It was Surman's fifth arrest for driving while suspended.
  • An allegedly drunk man assaulted his wife at Silver Bow Homes and the woman fled to call police Thursday afternoon. Officers arrived and arrested Barry Butori, 25, of Butte for partner or family member assault and tampering with a communication device for allegedly trying to break the cell phone his wife was using to call for help.
  • Officers were looking for a woman with a warrant for her arrest and went to Silver Bow Homes to speak with a woman when she allegedly lied about her identity. After nearly an hour of discussion, officers arrested Kayla Anne Bristow, 20, of Butte, for obstructing justice after she allegedly claimed to be someone else.
  • A vehicle was pulled over on the 500 block of Centennial Thursday evening for a traffic violation and officers ended up finding a syringe with methamphetamine in it under the passenger seat. The passenger, Christopher Lee Johnson, 37, of Butte was arrested for misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia and felony possession of dangerous drugs.
  • Officers pulled over a vehicle for running a stop light near Silver Bow Homes and determined the driver had a suspended license. The driver, Jamie Marie Best, and the passenger both denied owning a purse that was on her seat that Best wanted left in the car. Officers said they found drug paraphernalia and numerous pain pills. Best, 57, of Butte was arrested for possession of dangerous drugs.

Anaconda police reports

  • Anaconda-Deer Lodge County shop supervisor Larry Sturm reported Wednesday someone stole tire chains for the county grader, which had been parked on Mill Creek Highway for the "last couple of days." The chains are valued at $2,000. Police are investigating.

Butte City Courts


  • Michael Fuchs, 19, of 216 N. Clark, pleaded guilty Jan. 12 to deceptive practices and theft (third offense). According to court documents, Fuchs used someone else's credit card without permission. He was fined $1,110 and must make restitution for $222.


  • David Ruckdashel, 41, of 2031 Thomas, pleaded guilty Jan. 14 and was fined $1,095. According to court documents, Ruckdashel caused reasonable apprehension of bodily injury to a male individual. He must also donate $50 to Family Victims and attend anger management class.


  • Jason Rossland, 18, no address listed, pleaded guilty Jan. 20 to possessing marijuana and a pipe. Rossland was fined $1,110 and received a five-day jail sentence.
  • Aaron Navarro, 18, of 1440 S. Warren, pleaded guilty Jan. 20 to possessing marijuana and a pipe. Navarro was fined $1,110 and received a five-day jail sentence.
  • Morgan Coleman, 33, of Whitehall, pleaded guilty on Sept. 27 to possessing a syringe and a spoon. Coleman was fined $555.


  • Rex Allen, 34, of Anaconda, pleaded guilty Jan. 19 and was fined $685. Allen was also fined $100 for having an open container in his vehicle. He must attend alcohol awareness class and seek treatment.


  • Tammy Seybert Moore, 50, of 1740 Maryland, pleaded guilty Jan. 10 to her third offense and was fined $1,095. According to court documents, Moore took DVDs belonging to Albertsons.
  • Alfred Sailer, 41, of 1017 Grand Ave., pleaded guilty Jan. 14 and received a 12-day jail sentence. According to court documents, Sailer took a 1995 Ford Aerostar van.
  • Charles Alford, 30, of Casper, Wyo., pleaded guilty Jan. 17 and was fined $555. According to court documents, Alford took jeans and chicken wings from Wal-Mart.


  • Anthony Fleming, 29, of 527 W. Silver, pleaded guilty Jan. 3 and was fined $555. According to court documents, Fleming lied to police officers.


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