Feb. 1

In St. James Healthcare

Girl: Grace Nicole Richter

Parents: Nick and Jessica Richter, Anaconda. Weight: 7 lbs., 10 oz. Length: 20½ in. Sibling: Peyton Richter. Grandparents: Gladys and Ozzie Watkins, Henry Richter, and Jay and Terri Ford. Great-grandparents: the late Robert and Mattie Monger, and the late Jay Ford.

Jan. 31

In St. James Healthcare

Girl: Kodie Ann James

Parents: Ashley Foster and Ben James, Butte. Weight: 6 lbs., 7 oz. Length: 20 in. Grandparents: Paula and Weston James, Butte, Lynn and Melissa Foster, Butte, and Theresa Burroughs, Idaho. Great-grandparents: Rick and Linda Foster, Butte, Donna and Dave Cortez, Butte, Charlie and Debbie Hughes, Butte, Alan James, Butte, and Anita Burroughs, Idaho.

Jan. 31

In St. James Healthcare

Boy: James Melvin Moylan

Parents: Sarah Trainor and Grant Moylan, Anaconda. Weight: 7 lbs., 7 oz. Grandparents: Bill Moylan and Frances Moylan, both of Florence, Terri and Calvin Trainor, Anaconda. Great-grandparents: Rose Moylan, Melvin and Martha Louise Trainor, Anaconda, Ken Riding and the late Linda Riding, Helena.

Jan. 28

In St. James Healthcare

Girl: Averee Rose Beebe

Parents: Stacie Stosich and Tyler Beebe. Weight: 7 lbs., 12 oz. Length: 20½ in. Grandparents: Steve and Mary Jo Stosich, Butte, and Laurie and Mark Beebe, American Falls, Idaho. Great-grandparents: Rose Stosich and Ione McCarthy, Butte, Del Beebe and Louis Bates, Blackfoot, Idaho.

Jan. 20

In St. Rose Dominican Hospital, Las Vegas

Twin boys: Colton Claus Nasheim and Chasen Michael Nasheim

Parents: Heather (Little) Nasheim and Mike Nasheim. Weight: Colton, 8 lbs., 2 oz.; Chasen, 6 lbs., 6 oz. Length: Colton, 19 in.; Chasen, 18 in. Grandparents: Frank and Nancy Little, Walkerville, Margie and Loren Deseth, Glendive, Robert Nasheim III, Glendive. Great-grandparents: Shirley Nasheim, Mason City, Iowa, John Little, Butte.

State deaths

ANACONDA - Margaret Fleming, 85, in Troy

BAKER - John Bertsch, 55

BIG SKY - Raymond Ryan, 88

BIG TIMBER - Hazel Mason Ewan

BILLINGS - Joanne Arkinson Williams, 61; Erma Bosse, 79; Jeffrey Zinne, 59; Edna Clymore, 94; Edwin Kuck, 88; Meriam Maio, 82; Margie Temporo Rowland, 96, in Hillsboro, Ore.; George Long, 86; Greg Wolfe, 51; Marion Thompson, 91; Pauline Snider, 86; Joseph Chavez, 78, in Albuquerque, N.M.; Marjorie Jancic, 72

BOZEMAN - Jewell Fisher, 92, in Mesa Ariz.; Marella Johnson, 91; Hilda Kurtz Smith, 85; Arthur Van't Hull, 86; John Dyk, 90

BUTTE - Christa Gowers, 79; Fred Steiner Jr. 72, in Glendora, Calif.; Robert Brisbin Sr., 87; Mary Rebich Evatz, 91; Jose Tafoya, 92; Byron Milliron, 60, in Great Falls

CHINOOK - Doris Zellmer, 84

COLUMBUS - Dorothy Hajek, 85; LaVerne Bokma, 77

CORVALLIS - Mildred Erb, 101

DEER LODGE - Marie Hoff Steinberger, 83; Charles Brenton, 74

DIXON - Lewis Barnaby, 48

FLORENCE - John Bugli, 82, in Show Low, Ariz.

FORT PECK - Dan Plouffe, 67

GLASGOW - Terry Lighthizer, 55; Steven Jimison, 17

GLENDIVE - Sharon Herigstad, 63

GREAT FALLS - Wayne Sletten; Mark Foster, 48; Kerry Henrickson, 41, in Flagstaff, Ariz.; Faye Jetton, 96; George Swanke, 87

HAMILTON - Dorothy Meyerhofer, 89; Teresa Crosby, 48

HARDIN - Larry Lessard, 66

HELENA - Jack Ricker, 80; Carwyn Eierman, 70, in Glendive; Bertha Best, 90; Lavada Marquardt, 90; Arlene Wall, 82; Dorothy Clark, 85; Claire Wall, 101

HOT SPRINGS - Larry Vogel, 61

HYSHAM - Elvin Warren, 60

KALISPELL - Evelyn Grob, 57; Robert Rice, 73; Anna Nolin, 94; Raymond Niehuus, 60, in Houston; Dell McManus, 79

LAUREL - John Darham Jr., 88, in Rapid City, S.D.; Shirley Abbey, 81

LODGE GRASS - Rory Old Chief, 13 months

LEWISTOWN - Helen Loeffelbein, 88

LIVINGSTON - Thomas Lane, 81

MALTA - George Copelan, 51

MILES CITY - Gladys Cain, 100

MISSOULA - Lydia Wiege, 89; Russell Kinney, 98; Fred Lehman, 78; Clara Fisher, 101; Kate Jividen, 27, in Coeur d'Alene; Ralph Marchildon, 85, in Parker, Colo.

PLENTYWOOD - Rober Schott, 54

POLSON - Scott Tunnock, 82

RED LODGE - John Bradford, 81, in Billings; Michael Draper, 55

ROY - Carley Graham, 87, in Lewistown

RUDYARD - Minna Sneider, 92

SEELEY LAKE - Laro Blevins Hensley, 93; Leonard Madsen, 90, in Kalispell; Gerald Parker, 72; Evelyn Hickman, 94

STEVENSVILLE - Millie Bostrom, 95; Robert Parrish, 73

THREE FORKS - Marie Patrick, 89

TOWNSEND - William Sides, 78

TROY - Edith Lockwood, 85

VALIER - Mabel Monroe, 96

WHITEHALL - Keith Smith, 79

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS - Douglas Metzger, 83

WISDOM - Ralph Enzweiler, 89, in Athena, Ore.


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