Butte people still find the capacity to be generous during tough economic times.

Scott Thompson said he has been touched by the amount of giving during the annual Thompson’s Distributing City Wide Food Drive.

“I see the food people donate, and I think that many of those same people need that food themselves,” Thompson said.

He’s hoping that Mining City residents will be just as generous Saturday during the 24th annual drive. Donated food goes to the Butte Emergency Food Bank.

To donate, leave bagged or boxed grocery items outside on front porches or doorsteps Saturday morning. Pickups will begin at 10 a.m.

People may also drop off donations at semi-trailers parked Saturday at Three Bears Alaska off Interstate 90 and Continental Drive, Walmart on Harrison Avenue, Safeway on Front Street and the Race Track Volunteer Fire Department, 2344 Grand Ave.

Volunteers come from all locations, including the volunteer departments and 15/90 Search and Rescue.

“It’s just a testament to the dedication of the people of Butte,” Thompson said.

Kathy Griffith, director, Butte Emergency Food Bank, said Thompson’s food drive is important to replenish supplies for the holiday season.

“Our shelves are looking pretty low after Thanksgiving,” Griffith said.

She noted that the food bank distributed more than 800 turkeys and thousands of pounds of other food for Thanksgiving.

— Reporter John Grant Emeigh may be reached via email at john.emeigh@lee.net or phone at 496-5511.

You can help

People interested in volunteering to help Saturday with the citywide food drive may call Thompson’s Distributing at 494-7598.

People can make cash donations by calling the Butte Emergency Food Bank at 782-3814.

Last year’s Thompson’s food drive collected more than 65,000 pounds of food and $33,000 in cash donations.

Volunteers will begin picking bagged groceries from people’s doorsteps at 10 a.m. Saturday, and through the day. The Racetrack Fire Hall, 2344 Grand Ave., will be the center of the operations.

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