Can Do Award

Recipients of the Peoples Family “Can Do” Award are Kristyn Mengon-Lee, left, and Marc McGree, right, pictured with Phil Borup, Butte YMCA CEO. The two received the award at the Y's annual meeting for their work as volunteer coaches in the Y's youth sports program for the past five years.

Photo courtesy of Shawn Borup

The Butte Family YMCA elected new officers and handed out awards at its recent 109th annual meeting at the Thornton Building Ballroom.

The keynote speaker, Y member John Canavan, shared his story about his journey back to good health after being accidentally shot in a hunting accident that nearly took his life.

He said that he learned that life really can change in the blink of an eye — and all of us have an inner toughness when our backs are against the wall. He said sometimes good things come out of bad situations and that he has more compassion for others.

Canavan expressed appreciation for Dr. Michael Gallagher, whom he credits with saving his life, and the YMCA for providing a place to rebuild his body. Finally, Canavan expressed his deep love for his wife, Karla, saying that he could not have made it back without her support.

People selected to serve three-year terms on the board were Serena Brewer, D.O.; Ashley Choquette; Henry Klobucar; and John Nordhagen (second term). New officers are President Bob Whelan; Vice President Matt Pelletier; Secretary Cullen Gilbreath; Treasurer Tyler Shaffer; and Past President Paul Babb. Other board members include Anna Fabatz, Josh Peck and Michelle St. Pierre.

The following awards were presented:

The Peoples Family “Can Do” Award: Marc McGree and Kristyn Mengon-Lee for their work as volunteer coaches in the Y's youth sports program for the past five years.

Red Triangle Award, for providing extraordinary assistance to the Butte Y: Montana Resources and the Denny and Phyllis Washington Foundation for their support of Active 6, youth subsidies, and annual campaign support over the past few years. It was also presented to Hennessy Market for its nutritional partnership.

The Hester Davis-Peggy Sarsfield Award: Lynda Faraoni, Tyler Shaffer, Cullen Gilbreath and Ken Wilcox.

The Vicki and George Paul Spirit of Youth Award: Sydney Jennings and Shane Sutton.

CEO’s Choice Awards were presented by Dane Schroder, Reyes Garza and Angela Harrison to people recognized for excellence and dedication in their duties as YMCA staff and volunteers: Matt Rundle, Hirokimi Homan, Scott Cutler, Lindsay Silver, Bill Monahan and Liah Allison.


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