Wedding night brouhaha

Police responded to a disturbance call Saturday night at a wedding reception at the Copper King Hotel, 4655 Harrison Ave. Police said they were told a woman who had just been married became upset during the reception and pushed a hotel employee against a wall, then caused property damage to a hotel room and the reception area.

She fled in a car, and police said they were able to locate the car and followed as the driver ran stop signs and lights. Officers stopped the vehicle in the 2000 block of Gaylord Street, where the woman became combative and struck an officer twice in the head with her fist, police said. Officers arrested Jessika Jolynn Hatcher, 27, of Butte.

Hatcher was taken to Butte-Silver Bow Detention Center, where she was tested and found to have alcohol in her system above the legal limit. She was held on suspicion of felony assault on a police officer and several misdemeanors, including DUI, fleeing from/eluding police, reckless driving, and criminal mischief.

Leak investigation

Police arrested Jesse Jaeger of Butte about 2 a.m. Saturday after responding to a report of public urination. A background check produced an outstanding warrant.

Head-butter arrested

Policed responded Saturday evening to a report of a disturbance involving two males in the 600 block of South Utah Street. Police said that during an altercation, Patrick McCarthy, 39, of Butte, head-butted the other male, causing a nosebleed. He was arrested for assault.

Hit and run, warrants

Police responded Sunday afternoon to the scene of a hit-and-run accident in the 400 block of West Copper Street. They found the vehicle believed to have left the scene in the 300 block of North Jackson Street. Police arrested Jamie Church, 29, of Butte for leaving the scene of an accident and outstanding warrants.

Parole, drug arrests

Police assisted Probation & Parole on a check Friday afternoon in the 1900 row of Silver Bow Homes. A K-9 dog alerted on a backpack, and a search revealed several wrapped packets of suspected heroin totaling more than 10 grams, and more than 12 grams of suspected methamphetamine. Michael Piche, 34, of Butte, was arrested on suspicion of felony possession of dangerous drugs with intent to sell.

In a separate incident a couple of hours later, police assisted Probation & Parole on another check in the 700 block of South Montana Street Friday night. A K-9 dog alerted on a drop ceiling, and a search revealed a crystal substance and several syringes loaded with a liquid. Samantha Rice, 27, was arrested for parole violation and possession of dangerous drugs.

On yet another parole check in the 1300 block of East Second Street, Joe Forward, 27, of Butte was arrested for parole violation and outstanding warrants.

Broken headlight, arrests

After police stopped a car with a headlight out after 3 a.m. Sunday at Texas and Elm streets, police arrested Rolf Norman Petersen, 58, for driving with a suspended or revoked license and on an outstanding warrant from Powell County. Also arrested was passenger Monique Marie Miller, 52, on an outstanding warrant from Lewis and Clark County.

Phone scam reported

A woman called Butte police around 3:30 p.m., Monday to report that scammers had made off with $800 by masquerading as representatives of Publishers Clearing House.

According to police, the woman received a call from someone who said she’d won a car from Publishers Clearing House and a monthly award of $1,500 for life. The only catch was that she would have to send a money order of $400. Police said the woman sent the caller $400, but then the caller phoned again and told the woman she would have to send an additional $400 to receive her prize. However, the woman became suspicious when the caller called back a third time, requesting another instalment of $400.

Police said they tracked the number of the person who called the woman and that the number belongs to an address in Jamaica.

Consumer agencies warn people that when an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Storage unit break-in

Police say that received a report Monday afternoon of a suspicious man who piled snow over the rear license plate of his vehicle and entered a storage facility on the 300 block of Broadway Street. Police said they later discovered the man had also obscured his front license plate by covering it with a piece of paper.

When officers arrived, police said, they confront the man, who had loaded several items from a storage unit into his truck. Police said the man told officers that he had permission to enter the storage unit and take items, but police called the unit owner and discovered that he did not have permission.

Police arrested the man, Nathan Schneider, 40, of Butte, who faces a felony burglary charge.

Officers recovered the items from Schneider’s truck, and the storage-unit owner replaced the lock on the unit.

Shoplifting shoe laces, etc.

Officers responded around 11:45 p.m. Monday to a gas station on the 1300 block of Harrison Avenue after an employee phoned police and said there was a possible shoplifter in the store.

When police arrived they arrested Denis Krause-Hazen, 31, of Butte, who they said had hidden wine and other items from the store in his clothing.

Krause-Hazen was patted down, police said, at which time they discovered he was in possession of shoe laces, a USB adaptor and gloves belonging to a grocery store that is located across the street from the gas station.

As of Tuesday morning Krause-Hazen remained in the Butte jail, where he faces two misdemeanor shoplifting charges.

Passed out

Police say they arrested Linda Berger, 49, of Butte for criminal trespassing around 4 p.m. Monday. Berger was allegedly intoxicated and passed out in the hallway of the Lincoln Hotel Apartments, police said.