Felony drug charge

Police arrested Christopher Jeffery Day, 25, of Pocatello, Idaho, early Tuesday morning for felony charges of possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Police say they made the arrest after responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle parked in the lot of a hotel on the 2900 block of Harrison Avenue.

When officers arrive, police said, Day was sitting in the vehicle, got out and appeared to drop something on the ground underneath his vehicle.

While speaking with Day, officers allegedly observed possible drug paraphernalia within the vehicle in plain view. The officers obtained a search warrant for the vehicle, at which time they allegedly uncovered a baggie containing a small amount of a tar-like substance, an envelope containing the same substance and prescription pills that were not prescribed to Day, along with several items of drug paraphernalia, including syringes, a spoon and a scale.

Day remained in Butte county jail as of Tuesday morning.

Fraudulent check

Police say they responded Monday afternoon to a bank on the 1700 block of Harrison Avenue in response to a report that a woman was trying to cash a fraudulent check.

By the time police arrived, the woman had left the bank, but officers later located her vehicle parked in a lot of another bank nearby. Officers approached the woman in her vehicle, where they discovered the fraudulent check — which the previous bank refused to cash — along with a phony money order in her purse.

Police arrested the woman, Jacque Fury, 32, of Butte, and took her to the county jail, where she now faces misdemeanor charges of possessing stolen property and forgery, in addition to a citation for a small amount of marijuana that was found in her possession at the time of her arrest.

$6,500 in bad checks

Butte police say they are investigating $6,500-worth of fraudulent checks that have been spent throughout the state.

Police say Monday they heard from a Butte resident on the 2100 block of Fairway Drive who said that money from the bad checks was missing from his or her account.

According to police, whoever wrote the fraudulent checks had somehow gotten hold of the resident’s account and routing numbers and printed fake checks. The checks were written to various locations in Missoula and Helena, police say, including at Home Depot and Best Buy.

Police have not arrested anyone in the case, which is currently under investigation.