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Partner, family-member assault

Police say that around 1 a.m. Sunday a woman ran into McDonald’s on Harrison Avenue and told employees that she had just been assaulted and to call 911.

When police arrived, she told them that she had discovered her ex-partner sleeping outside her residence near the front door.

Police said the ex-partner, later identified as Donovan Descharme-Curran, awoke and spoke with the woman, who agreed to drive him to McDonald’s. After arriving at McDonald’s, police said, Descharme-Curran struck the woman in the face with his fist as the two sat in the vehicle. The woman then ran into the business, police said, told employees to call 911, and hid somewhere outside the building.

When officers arrived, police said, Descharme-Curran attempted to resist arrest. He was taken to the Butte jail, where he faces charges of partner, family-member assault and resisting arrest, both misdemeanors.

Aggravated DUI

Jesse Buffington, 30, of Butte was arrested around 2 a.m. Monday for allegedly driving with a blood alcohol content over twice the legal limit.

According to police, officers spotted Buffington driving 63 miles per hour in a 35-mile-per-hour zone near Farrell Street and Adams Avenue, where they recorded his speed using a radar gun. Police said officers attempted to pull Buffington over, but he would not stop. Police followed him down Adams, where he turned down an alley and struck a utility pole in the process. After hitting the pole, Buffington stopped the vehicle and was confronted by officers. Police said the man appeared to be intoxicated. He was later taken to the Butte jail, where he failed field sobriety maneuvers and blew twice the legal limit on a Breathalyzer. In addition to an aggravated DUI, he’s also being charged with speeding and making an improper turn.

Partner assault

Brittany Mulcahy, 29, of Butte, is being accused of assaulting her partner. Police said the partner, a male victim, came to the police station Monday afternoon to report the alleged assault, which had occurred Monday morning. According to the victim, he and Mulcahy had gotten into an argument Sunday night and he had spent the night inside his vehicle. After waking the next day, police said, the man walked into the residence to retrieve personal items, at which time Mulcahy allegedly kicked him in the back.

Police visited the couple’s residence, on the 500 block of Franklin Street, where they say she admitted to the assault. Mulcahy was placed under arrest and charged with partner, family-member assault.

Facebook post solves car theft

A Facebook post Friday led to the recovery of a stolen vehicle and to the arrest of the alleged thief.

Police said an off-duty officer was viewing Facebook Friday when he saw a post from a Butte auto-repair company claiming that someone had stolen the license plate from a black pickup truck the company was working on. The post caught the officer’s attention, police said, because someone had stolen his vehicle, also a black pickup truck, days earlier.

Later in the day, around 2 p.m., officers were driving Uptown when they spotted a black pickup truck tagged with the stolen license plates. Officers began following the vehicle, but the driver would not stop, police said. Eventually the man, later identified as Lonnie Jackson Boyd, 52, of Butte, abandoned the vehicle near the 1200 block of West Mercury Street and hid in bushes. Officers were able to locate him, and they placed him under arrest. In his vehicle, police said, officers discovered a syringe and a small bag of marijuana.

Boyd is being charged with felony possession of stolen property and a violation of a release condition, also a felony, along with several misdemeanors, including possession of dangerous drugs.

Stolen purse, credit card

Bernie McKinney, 39, of Butte was arrested Saturday after he allegedly stole a purse from a vehicle parked on the 1100 block of Woolman Street and attempted to use the victim’s credit cards to make purchases at Walmart on Harrison Avenue.

According to police, McKinney broke into the vehicle sometime before 9 a.m. Saturday.

Police said he then tried to make a purchase at Walmart using one of the victim’s stolen cards, but was denied the purchase because employees thought the card was suspicious. The man returned to Walmart later in the day and attempted to use more of the victim’s cards. He was denied again, police said.

During his second attempt, employees captured McKinney’s license plate on a security camera and forwarded the information to police.

Using the license plate number, police were able to identify McKinney, locate him and place him under arrest. He faces charges of theft from a motor vehicle, criminal mischief and deceptive practices. Police say he is also a person of interest in six other thefts that are under investigation.

Criminal contempt

Officers responded to a gas station on the 500 block of Montana Street Saturday after a station employee reported that two intoxicated males were loitering in the parking lot.

Before officers arrived, police said, the two men walked to a nearby intersection, where they began grilling hot dogs with a portable grill. Officers later caught up with the men, police said, where they saw 10 to 15 beer cans scattered around the grill. One of the men, Kenneth Clark, 56, of Butte had a warrant out for his arrest. Police brought him to the Butte jail, where he is facing charges of criminal contempt.


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