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Aggravated DUI

Police responded around noon Monday to a restaurant on the 2900 block of Harrison Avenue after receiving a call about a vehicle that was driving erratically in the restaurant’s lot and the lot of an adjacent business.

When officers arrived, the reported vehicle was parked in the restaurant’s lot and sitting inside the vehicle officers recognized Jason Ringe, 47, of Butte.

In speaking with Ringe, officers determined that the 47-year-old was possibly under the influence of alcohol. Ringe allegedly refused a field sobriety test, and was taken to the Butte county jail, where he allegedly refused a breath test.

Officers were able to obtain a search warrant for a blood-alcohol test. The results of that test are pending, police said.

As of Tuesday morning, Ringe remained in Butte county jail, where he faces a misdemeanor aggravated DUI, along with several driving-related misdemeanors. The aggravated DUI charge resulted from having at least one prior Breathalyzer refusal charge, police said.

Partner, family-member assault

Police say they arrested Jason Lee of Butte Monday afternoon after the 38-year-old allegedly assaulted his female partner.

Police said officers responded around 2 p.m. to a residence on the 700 block of Second Street after receiving a call about a disturbance between Lee and his partner.

When officers arrived, the female partner told police that Lee had allegedly struck her with a small table, resulting in minor injuries. Responding officers could observe blood on the woman’s face and the floor of the residence, police said. Officers apprehended Lee, and took him to Butte county jail, where he’s now facing a misdemeanor partner, family-member assault charge.


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