Police are searching for a man who jumped out a window in Connections Corrections East, a chemical dependency program at 111 W. Broadway St., Uptown Butte, about 10 a.m. Monday, according to a news release.

Officials believe Smoky Geldrich, convicted for possession of dangerous drugs, landed on the roof of another building and then made his way to an alley, according to the release.

Geldrich, 29, is Caucasian; about 5 feet, 8 inches tall; weighs about 135 pounds; and has brown hair and blue eyes and brown facial hair. He has a variety of tattoos. A tattoo on his left palm says “love;” a tattoo on his right palm says “hate.” He has a “biohazard” tattoo on the back of his neck, a dragon tattoo on his right leg, an eagle and a wolf tattoo on his chest, and a sword tattoo on his left forearm. Tattooed on his fingers are the words “H2O” and “son of anarchy.” Crosses are tattooed on the tops of both of his hands and on his shoulder.

People are asked to call police if they see this man.


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