Michele Steele

Michele Steele is the development specialist for St. James Foundation.

Walter Hinick, The Montana Standard

Michele Steele leaves a lasting imprint on the community.

Steele, 34, a 2001 Butte High School graduate and the development specialist for the St. James Foundation, affects lives across the board.

“She does a fantastic job with cultivating relationships with volunteers, donors, and other stakeholders in the community to foster programs that help our entire community,” said nominator Dorea Wilmoth.

“Having raised money for the cancer center expansion, Fit Kids 360 and now the diabetes camp for kids, she exhibits a true passion for giving back to the community and helping us be a more healthy place to live work and play.”

Steele, self-described “Butte girl and proud,” works for 14 foundation board members and with Events and Development Coordinator Kacie Bartholomew, who motivate her:

“Working alongside the world’s best coworker as a team to make our leadership proud of the hard work we put in to help patients, employees, and needs within our hospital to better our community,” said Michele.

Keeping her busy away from work are husband Dan, sons Oliver and Hudson, and her “third son with 4 legs, Vinny.” So time is her biggest challenge.

“When you love what you do for a living, you feel like you could spend your life at work, and I have enough work to do that. But when you love your family even more, you have to find that balance of work, being a good mom/wife/family member and lover of yourself,” Michele said.

She counts her blessings in finding her work’s passion for the past three years.

“I love my community and I love to help others. I want to see Butte thrive and I know local healthcare plays a crucial role in our economy. When I get to sit with a donor or board member who feels just as passionately as we do about the amazing care we have in our own backyard, it is the world’s best feeling, because we do!”

Her nomination embarrasses her, she added. Her background consists of “a little college” and “a lot of hard work.”

“Surely, there are much more deserving people out there with higher education than me who deserve this recognition,” said Michele. “In my heart, proud and honored as I do everything in life with passion, and it’s nice to be recognized by an outside source I am doing just that. Thank you, Dorea.”


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