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Gallbladder Disease The gallbladder is a small organ that stores bile made by the liver. Some people develop gallstones within it, or have gallbladders that don’t function well. Pain related to gallbladder problems can be a sign that more severe gallbladder problems are coming, and should not be ignored. If you have gallbladder problems that require surgery, Dr. Joutovsky and Dr. Raiser can help. Gallbladder surgery can usually be done using minimal access surgery like laparoscopy, and is often an outpatient procedure. Call SilverBow Surgical Associates today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Joutovsky or Dr. Raiser. Dr. Joutovsky and Dr. Raiser 400 W. Porphyry St • Butte, MT 723-0043 over 30 yearS of coMBined Surgical exPerience

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