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Advertisement Now available without prescription! $2 Bladder Pill From Japan Does What $50 Bladder Pills In The U.S. Cannot Clinical studies show dramatic reduction in embarrassing leakages, uncontrollable urges and frequent trips to the bathroom without side effects By T.J. Roberts Interactive News Media I N M — A new pill that relieves urinary incontinence and overactive bladder symptoms in 7 days without side effects has been used safely in Japan for 16 years. American Drug companies are worried that the release of this pill could result in billions of dollars of losses of prescription bladder drugs with the pill receiving a U.S. patent. Plus, at just $2 per daily dose, it’s very affordable. It is now being sold nationwide without a prescription under the name BladderMax. BladderMax contains an active ingredient that not only relieves bladder leakages quickly, but also works to strengthen and calm the bladder for lasting relief. BladderMax can dramatically reduce embarrassing leaks and frequent trips to the bathroom. It also helps women regain bladder control, while reducing the sudden pressure and urge to rush to the ladies room. The active ingredient in BladderMax comes from a natural source. It is both safe and healthy. In 16 years of recorded medical use, there have been no reported harmful side effects. “Relief in urgency and and pressure is felt in as quickly as 7 days,” said Diane Lewis, Chief Researcher for BladderMax. “And with regular use, you can expect even more relief in the following 3060 days,” added Lewis. WHAT SCIENTISTS DISCOVERED BladderMax contains a proprietary compound with a known ability to reduce stress, urge, and overflow incontinence in women suffering from overactive bladder. This compound is not a drug. It is the active ingredient in BladderMax. Studies show it naturally strengthens the bladder’s muscle tone while relaxing the urination muscles resulting in a decrease in sudden urgency. Many overactive bladder sufferers enjoy a reduction in bathroom trips both day and night. Others are able to get back to doing the things they love without worrying about embarrassing leakages. “I couldn’t sit through a movie without having to go to the bathroom 3-4 times,” says Theresa Johnson of Deluth, GA. “but since using BladderMax I can not only Amazing Results: Top doctors are now recommending an advanced new $2 bladder pill from Japan to their patients because it does what $50 bladder pills here in the U.S. cannot. sit through a movie, I can sleep through the night, and drive on the freeway to another city without having to immediately go to the bathroom.” With so much positive feedback, it’s easy to see why sales for this newly approved bladder pill continue to climb every day. IMPRESSIVE BENEFITS FOR INCONTINENCE SUFFERERS The 6 week clinical study was carried out by scientists in Japan. The results were published in the Journal of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Science in 2001. The study involved 39 post-menopausal women with overactive bladders. They were not instructed to change their daily routines. They were only told to take BladderMax’s active ingredient every day. The results were incredible. Taking BladderMax’s active ingredient significantly reduced both bladder urgency and embarrassing leakages compared to placebo at 7, 28, and 42 days. In fact, many women experienced a 79% reduction in embarrassing incidents at 6 weeks. They also enjoyed a 39% decrease in daytime trips to the bathroom, and a 68% decrease in nighttime trips. With these studies medical doctors and researchers have now proven BladderMax to be a clinically effective treatment for reducing embarrassing bladder leakages and incontinence. The findings are impressive, no doubt, but results will vary. But with results like these it’s easy to see why thousands of callers are jamming the phone lines trying to get their hands on BladderMax. HOW IT RELIEVES BLADDER LEAKAGES Studies show that as many as one in three women over age 60 is affected by overactive bladder and urinary incontinence. This stems from a decrease in female hormones from menopause and loss of muscle tone due to childbirth and aging. The natural compound found in BladderMax contains the necessary ingredients needed to help strengthen and calm the bladder of aging women. Plus, it helps relax bladder muscles allowing for complete emptying of the bladder. This proprietary compound is known as ‘EFLA940’®. And with over 16 years of medical use there have been no adverse side effects reported. This seems to be another reason why BladderMax’s release has triggered such a frenzy of sales. RECOMMENDED BY U.S. MEDICAL DOCTORS “Many of my patients used to complain that coughing, sneezing or even getting up quickly from a chair results in wetting themselves and they fear becoming a social outcast,” reports Harvard graduate Dr. Gifford Jones M.D. “But BladderMax changes all that.” “BladderMax effectively treats urinary disorders, specifically overactive bladder,” said Dr. Chelsea Walker, board certified doctor of natural medicine. “I use BladderMax every day for my overactive bladder. I also have my sister and mother taking it regularly as well,” said Dr. Jessica Farber, G.P. from Bridgeport, CA. MONTANA STANDARD READERS GET SPECIAL DISCOUNT SUPPLY This is the official release of BladderMax in Montana. And so, the company is offering a special discount supply to any person who calls within the next 48 hours. A Regional Order Hotline has been set up for local readers to call. This gives everyone an equal chance to try BladderMax. Starting at 7:00 am today, the order hotline will be open for 48-hours. All you have to do is call TOLL FREE 1-800-852-9653. The company will do the rest. IMPORTANT: Due to BladderMax’s recent media exposure, phone lines are often busy. If you call, and do not immediately get through, please be patient and call back. Current supplies of BladderMax are limited. So consumers that don’t get through to the order hotline within the next 48-hours will have to wait until more inventory is produced. This could take as long as six weeks. These Statements Have Not Been Evaluated By The Food And Drug Administration. This Product Is Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure Or Prevent Any Disease. All Clinical Studies On BladderMax’s Active Ingredient Were Independently Conducted And Were Not Sponsored By The Makers Of BladderMax.

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